June 2, 2011

Domino's Bday

Happy birthday, big brother, aka Domino!

I've always looked up to my big brother, both literally and figuratively.

Don't believe me?

You say you want proof?

Here's a poem I wrote about him back in 1997.

Hope that's enough, because it's all you're getting.

The Water-skier

He steps first with his right, then with his left,

both into the blue and black wetsuit.

Without a word, he picks up his ski and slips

it into the dark water of early morning Powell.

He rises up, flashes his lady-killing smile, jumps,

and yells, “Play that funky music…”

He hits the calm water before finishing the line,

so we do it for him, yelling, “White boy!”

His hat still dry upon his head, he spins it backward,

drifts from the boat, and prepares to ski.

The rope tight and his face determined, he takes

a deep breath and calls, “Hit it!”, no going back.

The boat lunges forward, pulling the rider up and out

and ahead, instinct now rules his movements.

Wasting no energy, he is instantly outside the wake,

cutting and crossing with perfect accuracy.

Back and forth he goes, time seems to stand still,

no hint of the usual smile on his face.

Minutes, hours, seem to pass, the houseboat appears

in the distance, he knows soon the ride must end.

Two more cuts, he moves to the left side of the wake,

closer, closer, reflexes scream, he crosses.

The tension too much, he lets go and glides gracefully

to the rear of the houseboat, his hat is still dry.

His smile returns to his face as he waves to us and

he takes off his ski, time again returns to normal.

He knows how good he is, but doesn’t flaunt it,

the best water-skier I know, my brother, Adam.

Thanks for being such a great brother,

as well as an example of how to be both grown up and totally immature at the same time.

Oh, and thanks for teaching me sweet dance moves, like the ones in this pic with your wifey.

Happy birthday! Love you, brother!

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