September 22, 2010

Twice Every 50 Seconds

We all know how frustrating it can be to visit the DMV. Well have you ever tried calling the DMV? I'd say it's equally frustrating. All I want to know is if a Maryland motorcycle course certification can be used to get the motorcycle designation on an out-of-state drivers license.
After unsuccessfully calling the Virginia DMV yesterday (I finally gave up after being on hold for who-knows-how-long), I tried calling the Rhode Island DMV today. And I called earlier in the day, when I figured they wouldn't be so busy. Apparently I was wrong... or more likely, they just don't give a rat's patoot about answering the phone.

After maneauvering through the menus, I reached the line dedicated to motorcycle services, and it started ringing after a polite message played about how they were on the line with other customers and they'd take care of me as soon as they could. Well, that message repeated twice every 50 seconds. Which means in my 56 min 20 sec of waiting, I heard that message 135 times (3380 mins / 50 seconds x 2). Ugh. No wonder everyone hates the DMV, with that kind of service.
The only redeeming factor was the message lady's charming New England accent. If not for that, I'd have lost my mind and driven up to Rhode Island to chew them out in person for not answering the blasted phone. Guess I'll try again another day...

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  1. Wait, so did you not ever get ahold of anyone or get the license? I'd be frustrated, too!