September 13, 2010

Redskins vs Cowboys

There are football games, and there are season-opening football games, and then there are season-opening football games against your rivals. Ryan totally hooked us up and got tickets for him, Michelle, Jackie, and me to see the Washington (DC) Redskins open their season against their sworn enemies, the Dallas Cowboys.
We battled some traffic and were able to get to FedEx Field a couple hours early to do some tailgating. Ryan brought a grill, which was used to cook up some burgers, hot dogs, chicken, and veggies. We all played cornhole and made some new friends from other camps, including a guy that was so high he couldn't hit the board or speak in full, coherent sentences. Ah, the characters you meet while tailgating...The game was fun to watch, even if there wasn't much scoring. Pretty much the Cowboys gave it away with terrible mistakes, such as fumbling with no time left just before the half (which DeAngelo Hall of the Redskins ran back for a touchdown), missing a 34-yd field goal, and a holding penalty on the last play of the game (which, sans penalty, would have resulted in the winning touchdown). Final score: Redskins over Cowboys 13-7.Since neither Jackie nor I actually had a horse in this race, we enjoyed the whole thing and got a kick out of fans' reactions. People watching at a football game is excellent. As we were leaving, we even got to see a mini-fight between a Redskins fan and a Cowboys fan, complete with beer splashing. Highly entertaining. My main goal was to have a fun time with Jackie and with our friends, and we definitely did that.

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