September 11, 2010

Summer Concert #6: Toby Keith

For our 6th country concert of the summer, we had a rather small group. A fair number of our usual suspects were out of town for the Virginia Tech game. How'd that turn out, by the way?

With fewer people, our tailgate was smaller and shorter, but we had a great time playing cornhole and watching people show off their Sept. 11th patriotism with various matching outfits and even a dude in a full Uncle Sam costume.
While Rachael was unstoppable today and I believe went undefeated, both of the ladies owned me. I didn't even get close to winning a game. Fun anyway, though.

Trace Adkins was a great warm-up for Toby Keith. They're both big dudes with low voices, and their songs are catchy and fun to sing along to. Maybe the most inspirational and patriotic moment of the night was when Trace sang his song "Welcome to Hell", which is written from the devil's perspective and speaks to the terrorists behind the Sept 11th attacks. Check out what we got to see here.
Trace rocked our socks off

Toby Keith anchored the show, and he sang a lot of great, recognizable songs. I think one of my favorites was "God Love Her", and the sentimental song of the night was "American Soldier", when war veterans joined Toby on stage while he sang about their difficult sacrifices.
It was a great way to spend Sept 11th and remember all those long in those despicable attacks 9 years ago. Trace and Toby rocked and helped make it a most patriotic Sept 11th!

Just one country concert left in the series...

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