September 25, 2010

Summer Concert #7: Sugarland

The last country concert... for this season at least. We didn't have a big group, but we did have a great one. Sorry to those of our normal group that weren't able to make this one, because I really think this might have been the best actual concert of the whole year. Our tailgate wasn't as big or long as some others we've done, but once we went inside I think it was the best.
After tailgating for a while and playing a bunch of cornhole, we headed into the venue early to see the band Trailer Choir play on the small stage (see short vids I took here and here). That's a very cool way to see a band, because you can get much closer and it's fun to see better how they play off each other. And with Trailer Choir, you get a great view of Big Vinny's sweet dance moves and can hear Crystal's amazing voice.After Trailer Choir, we headed to the lawn. Little Big Town was the opener on the big stage. This was the second time we got to see them play this summer, and they again did a great job. Some of my favorites by them are "Little White Church", "Little More You", and "Boondocks". Fun songs and very energetic.We got very lucky right as Sugarland was starting their set, as an usher was walking down the lawn and saw our group of 6 and stopped to ask if we wanted to go sit in the seats. Heck yes we do!!! Sugarland put on an amazing show. The perfect ending to the summer concert series.
Jennifer Nettles was clearly having such a good time and just loving performing for us all. And she and Kristian were constantly moving around and dancing and jawing with the audience. And not only did they rock some a variety of their great songs, from upbeat "All I Want To Do" and the new "Stuck Like Glue" to slower ones like "Already Gone" and "Stay", but they added in some classic songs, such as the Jackson 5's "ABC", which I got a little video of.
The entire day was excellent, and I only wish we could have more country concerts as good as this one. Hopefully see you all in 2011 for the concert series and that we have acts as good as we've had this year!

If you'd like a quick-ish recap of our 2010 summer concert series, here's the video I made to remember all the fun we had:


  1. Oh My I am one jealous person! I bet the concert was amazing!

  2. Aw, fun! You have inspired me to make an effort not to miss every single concert that comes through here next summer. I swear, I never hear about them until they're over >:( Glad you had such a fun time!