August 27, 2010

Oh Boy Alberto!

Ryan and I won tickets at our department meeting for the Nationals vs Cardinals baseball game, and we were excited to legitimately have good seats (instead of sneaking down from the cheap seats since the stadium never fills up).
Well, we were treated to a great game. In the 4th inning, Albert Pujols hit his 400th career home run, which is a pretty big accomplishment. so we were fortunate to be there to see that.
My friend Claire happens to be a ballgirl for the Nats, and she was working the 1st base line. So in the 8th inning, Ryan and I went over near her spot to watch her in action and jokingly heckle her a little bit. In between innings, we were able to catch up and have some good laughs together.And we ended up having a lot of opportunities between innings to catch up and laugh, because the game went into extras. 13 innings, actually. Well, after 11.5 innings, Ryan and I were too tired, so we left. By the time Ryan dropped me off, the Nats had won the game. In summary, it was a long, historic, fun night at the ballpark.

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