August 29, 2010

Born to Be Wild

Another weekend, another bucket list item. This time, it was taking a motorcycle license course (sorry, mom) from Prince George's Community College. I knew I wanted to take it, and I knew Jackie wanted to take it. Well Ryan was also in, so I surprised Jackie by registering us, and we all spent the weekend in the quick 3-day certification course.
So maybe our helmets aren't the coolest looking eggshells in the batch, but they did the trick and it's better to be safe than sorry. The in-class time wasn't too exciting; they mostly just told us common sense stuff, though there are some points of emphasis that I'm sure I'll be using early and often in motorcycle adventures, including T-CLOCS, FINE-C, and SLPR. If you don't know what those mean, you apparently haven't taken the course.
Here I am putting the SLPR cornering technique into use. That's slow-look-press-roll, in case you're curious.Jackie and Ryan were in the other group, so I was able to get a couple pics of them in action. While their driving tests didn't go as planned, they both expressed appreciation for all they learned. And I know they'll nail it on the re-take! [Update: they both passed the following week, so we're all good to go!]Can you pick out the guy from Utah? That's what my buddy Nick said when he saw this picture. This was my group, including our instructor in the white hat. His name was EJ, but I'm pretty confident it was Samuel L Jackson incognito. Probably doing research for a future role as a motorcycle driving instructor. Oh, and did you notice Lebron James on the right end? Yes, my class was loaded with famous people.

Well I'm excited to have the certification, so now I just need to get my license and figure out what kind of bike I'd like and when I'd want to buy it. Let the good times roll!

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