February 1, 2010

Cruisin' the Caribbean

I've never been on a cruise, so what better way to have my first cruise experience than with 300 other LDS young single adults? We left from Miami for a full week of fun and (mostly) sun with stops in Cozumel, Mexico; Belize City, Belize; Isla Roatan, Honduras; and Grand Cayman.We had a day of travel on the ocean before reaching Cozumel and another day at the end, so we took advantage of a lot of the ship's amenities, such as mini-golf on the top deck, shuffleboard, basketball, ping pong, hot-tubbing, and the water slide. Now, playing mini-golf on a cruise ship is a little different, as the ship rocks a little bit from side to side and the wind is a lot stronger on some holes that are more exposed. That just adds to the challenge. It was a tough battle, and in the end Devin eaked out the win over Laura.
Each night, we had assigned seating for dinner, and these are my tablemates. The guys were my roommates, too. Three brothers from Heber, UT. Good guys. The girls were also from Utah and were characters, so we all had a good time eating our dinners and ordering a little of everything (since food is included in the flat cruise rate). Favorite meals: lobster, escargot, salmon, steak, and assorted desserts--too many to mention.

Cozumel, Mexico
Here's me with the ship in port in Cozumel. Most of us went to a beach where they had volleyball, sea kayaks, a sea trampoline, and a whole lotta beach chairs for catching rays. Ah, that's the life!
At night, our group enjoyed several on-board activities more than the rest. Karaoke was a big favorite, as was dancing in the White Heat disco later in the evening. Above, Kizzi and I sang a duet of "A Whole New World" that made us famous for the rest of the cruise. We didn't sing together again, and I suspect it's because we both knew a repeat attempt would only disappoint our adoring fans and taint our legacy.

Belize City, Belize
We had an un-Belize-able time in Belize. I joined another large group in going cave-tubing, and it was a very cool experience. Pretty chill just sitting in a tube and floating down the river. Only bummer was that my camera isn't water-proof, so I had to leave it on the bus, and I haven't been able to get pictures from anybody. So you'll just have to trust me that it was great. Oh, and we had a little excitement by almost not making it back to the ship in time, so that got our hearts beating and had us running down the dock to get to the ferry.

Isla Roatan, Honduras
Though we'd had a great time in Cozumel and Belize, the weather had been so-so. In Isla Roatan, Honduras, the weather was what we hoped for and expected in the Caribbean. Well, after some short showers in the morning, anyway. My cousin Shelby (below) invited me to join with her and her friends for a tour of the island and then a little frolicking on the main tourist beach (above). I think we also loved Isla Roatan because the sand was super-soft and the water was that beautiful blue you want to wade out into and swim.
This picture of Shelby and I is from the second formal dinner night. Don't we look smashing? Well, it was good to hang out with my cousin, especially since my sister Megan and I didn't even know Shelby was going to be on the ship until we got there. Imagine my surprise when I was looking at the "phone/room list" and saw my cousin's name. Definitely a pleasant surprise.

Grand Cayman
Our final destination did not disappoint in terms of thrills and beautiful scenery. A small group of us did our own excursion to 'Stingray City', where we got to swim with stingrays, hold them, let them give us a neck/back "massage", and even give one a little smooch if you wanted to. Again, my camera isn't water-proof, so I don't have pics, but I'll keep trying to get them. After our time at 'Stingray City', our little fishing boat took us to a spot where we could snorkel for a bit. Mostly there were just little fish, but we still liked getting to kick around for a few minutes before heading back to shore and to the cruise ship.
I really owe my sister big-time for telling me about the cruise and inviting me to go with her. She'd had a good time on one of these before, and I can now add my own stamp of approval on the LDS singles cruise experience. Thanks, Megan!

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  1. You are definitely welcome! I'm glad you had such a good time, 'cause I did, too!