March 1, 2010

Nawlins - 'Nuff Said

My group of high school guy friends is shrinking from the ranks of singledom at an ever-increasing rate. The latest to pass into the realm of husbandry: James. And since it's James, he decided to go big and do his bachelor party in New Orleans (and his fiancée was kind enough to let him haha). Plus, his cousin is getting married, so this trip became a double bachelor party.

On our first day, we were walking down Bourbon Street and saw this t-shirt, which we thought fitting for James and his cousin. Of course, we're just joking, but it's a funny one.Though it'd already been a pretty full day, we went to see the New Orleans Hornets play against the Orlando Magic game. For the first 3 quarters, the Magic were just blowing the Hornets away, generally maintaining a double-digit lead and even getting up by around 20 at some points. But there's a reason the game is 4 quarters. Okay, so partially it's because that's the definition of quarters, but ignore that for a second. I'm speaking in sports lingo. They play 4 quarters because you have to be ahead when the final whistle blows. On this night, the Hornets came roaring back behind a monstrous effort by David West, and we were all thrilled to watch them end up the victors!
On Saturday, we slept in a bit --it'd been a late night -- and then met up to go get breakfast/lunch. The line at Cafe Du Monde was ridiculous, so we kept going and decided to eat at The Market Cafe, which specializes in cajun creole cuisine and especially muffaletta sandwiches. With our bellies satisfied, we were ready to wander around and see the sights for a bit, including getting a picture with the whole crew on the banks of the mighty Mississippi River.The guys were all getting thirsty from so much walking, so we stopped in at Pat O'Briens for a bit. One of our guys, Stanley, struck up a conversation with some ladies and we all chatted with them for a while. It's funny that when you're on vacation you can meet random strangers and within a short amount of time you all feel like you've been friends for ages.Everybody wanted to head back to the hotel for a bit and nap, then we got ready and headed out for a loooooong night on the town. We started with a quick bite of food, and then found a bar that had a balcony for tossing beads down to the passersby. I'm pretty glad that people weren't flashing in order to get the beads, because that just seems silly to me. Mostly I just wanted to be able to say that I'd tossed down beads to people, and now I can.
There's the saying, "where there's smoke, there's fire." For me, especially when I'm out with friends or in a place like New Orleans on Bourbon Street, I have the saying, "where there's drinking, there's dancing." So we all hit up some bars and made more friends and danced a fair amount, too. Here's me at Razzoo with some new pals that were in town from San Diego, CA. They were getting swarmed by inebriated college dudes all night, so they were happy to meet an in-control professional to dance with and help keep away the sketchy guys. [Note: this is often my role when I go out with friends and there's dancing.]Sunday came all too quickly for this bachelor party trip. We got ready, packed up, left our bags with the bellhop, and went down to Cafe Du Monde for some beignets. If you haven't had a beignet, you need to get down there and try one. They are deliciously sugary. In fact, you're probably covered for your recommended daily value of sugars with just one beignet, but you've gotta try one.

As they're not very filling, we proceeded to Acme Oyster House for some authentic cajun food (including boo fries, crawfish etoufee, red beans and rice, jambalaya, raw oysters, and fried oysters) before having to grab our bags and take a cab to the airport.

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