January 23, 2010

Classy Coco

This is just a quick, long-overdue post to congratulate Conan O'Brien on his brief but entertaining run on the Tonight Show. I watched the final show with a group of my Deloitte friends, and we all agreed that Conan showed true class when he thanked everyone at NBC for the remarkable support and love they've shown him over the years.He could have been bitter and made pointed comments and criticisms about how they've handled the Conan & Leno situation, but he took the high road and chose to show gratitude. Way to go, Coco. We look forward to following you in whatever your next project and/or show may be.

1 comment:

  1. I agree Conan handled himself very well, and was very realistic about the situation. I really enjoyed his last Tonight Show and am excited about his next project!

    BTW, I hope you like Bugsy Malone when you see it. Young Scott Baio and Jodi Foster pretending to be adults in a 20s-style mob movie musical? It's cheesy, but I love it!