January 22, 2010

Keys Please

Don't you just love how it's only when you're in a hurry that you lose your keys? Well, I got home from the grocery store and was going to drop off the groceries and do a swim with my friends before some more friends came over to eat.

Since the swimmers were almost to my building, I just went directly to meet up with them. They gave me a ride to the parking garage, and I took them to the pool, and they could warm up while I dropped off the groceries and grabbed my swimming stuff. However, when I got up to my apartment, I couldn't find my keys. Figures.

So I went down and told let them know I might be a bit before swimming with them, headed to the front desk, got the spare room keys, and finally got into my apartment. After putting away the groceries, I snagged my own keys, dropped off the building's spare keys back at the front desk, and went to look in the windows of my friend's car, just in case my keys had fallen out when I hopped in. No dice.

The next option was to check my car. By this time, I knew I wasn't going to be swimming. So I wasn't in much of a hurry. I took a look in the driver side and didn't see anything on the seats or floor. Figured I might as well have a peek from the passenger side, and I noticed a funny little sound. Still no keys in sight. Then I realized what the sound was.

My car was running.

Let me say that again. My car was running.

For a solid 20-30 minutes or so.

As in, the keys were in the ignition and the only thing keeping it from driving down the street on its own was the fact that the automobile had been in park this whole time.


Well, in the end it all worked out fine. I'm happy that I'd locked the doors, so at least nobody could just take my running car for a spin after I'd left it there. Or worse.

Yay for momentary lapses in intelligence that lead to funny stories.

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