October 6, 2009

Pseudo-Churchy Stuff

Here are a couple tidbits from the Washington DC (or potentially anywhere) Mormon single adult world.

Conference Crepe Party
For the past 17 LDS General Conferences, my friend Jay has held a crepe party in between the sessions on Sunday. I've been here for a couple of them, and they are wonderful. Jay provides the crepes, plates, and utensils. Everyone else brings the toppings. Fun ensues.

Fall FHE
Monday nights mean it's time for Family Home Evening (commonly referred to as FHE). Because of work, I don't get to go very often. Sometimes FHE can be really fun [by deduction, I'll let you figure out how FHE is the rest of the time...]. This week was a celebration of Fall, as the weather is getting colder and the leaves are slowly starting to change colors. After a short message from Torrey, there were a couple activities, including donut-eating contests,bobbing for apples, leg wrestling, and pumpkin carving.

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