October 4, 2009

Army Ten-Miler

Once I sign up for a race, it is against my nature not to compete in said race. And even when I'm not feeling so great (like right now with my unhappy IT band), if I am capable of finishing a race without doing additional damage to myself and thereby hindering future athletic efforts, I'm gonna race.I met up with the Deloitte & Touche running team before the Army Ten-Miler, and we socialized, got team jerseys, and took some pictures before heading to our various start corrals. My goal was to maintain a steady, slow pace, such that I could finish without my IT band going crazy and making me want to amputate just below the hip. Thankfully, I was right on my 9-minute mile pace for the first 6 miles, so I decided to ease the throttle down a little bit over the last couple miles. Total time = 1:26:26. Avg pace = 8:40 min/mile. Overall rank = 5,962 out of 21,289.

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