September 13, 2009

You Can Always Go... Downtown!

There's always something happening in Washington, DC. Especially on the weekends. And fortunately, much of the time the activities available can be free.

We were walking towards the US Capitol and there was a large gathering of people carrying signs, some wearing costumes. Turns out that today was a Tea Party day, and conservatives all across the country held rallies near government buildings to voice their concerns and show solidarity for their chosen causes. We didn't stay long, but we did get a kick out of reading their signs and seeing some of the 18th Century costumes.
Library of Congress
Though I've lived in DC for over 2 years, I hadn't been to the Library of Congress. So it was nice to see this historic building that houses so much knowledge. We got to see the main room (as made famous in National Treasure 2, I believe) and Thomas Jefferson's book collection, and the Gershwin's piano, plus lots of cool architecture around the building and paintings (frescos?) on the ceilings.
Opera in the Outfield
Just like last year, the Kennedy Center sponsored a free simulcast showing of a famous opera to Nationals Ballpark. We brought a blanket, dinner, and some snacks, and set up down in the outfield. [Note: that grass is marvelous. So soft and cushy, and the perfect height. I would love to get to play softball down there someday.] This time, the opera performed was the Barber of Seville, and I enjoyed it greatly. Knowing Spanish helped with understanding what's going on, as the opera was in Italian, but just the visuals and their voices make for a great experience.

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