September 11, 2009

Franks for the Memories

I met Frank Magana soon after I arrived in the Washington DC area. He's one of those outgoing guys that makes it easy to be friends. Plus, he loves trying new things and seeing what this world has to offer. So, naturally, we ended up at the same activities and became buddies.

During my time here, Frank's been involved in some of our most fun adventures, including 80's parties, Dairy Godmother runs, 4th of July patriotism, countless birthday celebrations, beach trips, wedding receptions, and a whole lotta sweet nights of clubbin'.

There has also been one more type of activity: farewell parties. And sadly, on this night, we gathered to wish the one and only Frank Magana a safe journey back to his home city of Chicago. As you can see in the following pictures, he was very loved and there will be many here who'll miss him, including me.
Chicago had better treat you right, Frank, or we're taking you back. You're always welcome here in DC.

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