September 15, 2008

Opera in the Outfield

The Kennedy Center opened its performances of the opera La Traviata, and as a promotion to get youngsters like me interested, they did a free live simulcast of the performance at Nationals Ball Park. A good-sized group from my current ward went. Some sat down on the grass of the outfield, and some sat in the lower-deck seats. So that we non-Italian-speakers could understand, they subtitled some of the lines. This was helpful for part of it, but also became a bit distracting at times. During one of the intermissions, we had fun running around in the outfield. You may think us juvenile to do so, but how often do you get the chance to be on a major league baseball field? Yeah, not very often. And I'll tell you, it was delightful for my little toesies. A joy to run on.We also thought it was cool that Placido Domingo, one of the three tenors and currently a big-wig at the Kennedy Center, came by the ball park to encourage everyone to become a patron of the arts.
DeEtte was nice enough to explain to me what was happening in the opera, since she'd seen it before. Here's a picture of us with the infield behind us.

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