September 23, 2008

Wicked Cool NYC Trip

So I don't know when I'll get caught up on the blog posts, but here's my most recent exciting trip: New York City last weekend.

There were a couple reasons. 1) See friends I haven't seen in a while. 2) Go to a Yankees game, since it's the last year before they switch to a new stadium. 3) See some Broadway shows. 4) Go for a run in Central Park.

I can happily report that I accomplished all of these tasks in the 3 days I was there. Here's a quick overview of my weekend.

Took the bus to New York. $50 roundtrip. And they had outlets and free wi-fi. Arrive at Penn Station, meet up with my friend Rikki, have dinner at a Persian place, and see the irreverent but hilarious musical "Avenue Q".
Visit Wall Street, Ground Zero (World Trade Center), and the New York Public Library. Meet up with Adrienne and go to the Museum of Modern Art to be uber-intellectual. Meet up with new friend Sara and old friend Jason, see Yankees game [note: 3rd to last game in the ballpark] and meet new friends Ari and Shira. Go to swanky party in Soho.
Run in Central Park along the paths and near the reservoir. Brunch with Adrienne and Sara at the bustling Sarabeths [note: highly recommend the lemon & ricotta pancakes, eggs benedict, or the almond-crusted french toast]. A little shopping with the ladies. Adrienne and I see "Lion King" and are floored by the costumes. Relax in Central Park and take a power nap. Back to Broadway for "Wicked". Great seat (about 10 rows back) and still can't appropriately verbalize how great the show was. The word 'spectacular' doesn't suffice. More play time with Adrienne and Sara.
Bus back to DC.


  1. I am SO JEALOUS! Sounds like a good trip, and I'm sure you needed the break from regular life. I'm glad you got to see Wicked and the Lion King -- definitely two of my favorites -- and that you were with friends the whole time. Fun! Way to take advantage of the close proximity, bro!

  2. How do you know Adrienne?! She is so great! We were in the same ward when i lived in nyc. I'm glad you lived it up in nyc! I miss that place.