January 24, 2009

Get Well Soon, Larry H.

Today I was checking my primary news sources (cnn.com and espn.com) and ESPN had a story that my eyes honed in on, because I saw the word "Jazz". According to the story (found here), Jazz owner Larry H. Miller recently had both legs amputated below the knee. The reason: complications from Type 2 diabetes.Ever since I can remember, this man has been running the Utah Jazz and a fair number of businesses in the Salt Lake area. He has stuck with the same head coach for 21 seasons in a row, brought together Stockton and Malone, and helped get the Jazz to the NBA Finals twice (and were it not for MJ23, I'm convinced they'd have two championships).

He's run car dealerships, changed the Utah movie theater model, and his companies have employed several of my friends at different times. Lesser known, he also has sponsored the Tour of Utah, giving cycling some badly-needed visibility in the Beehive State.

So, Larry, this post is for you. Hope you have a speedy recovery and that we see you courtside again in the Delta Center (oops, I mean Energy Solutions Arena) soon!

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