January 22, 2009

Anniversary of the Fallen

January 22nd marks an anniversary. But this is not a celebratory occasion, such as a wedding anniversary. Today I remember two of the fallen. One man that entertained me through Hollywood productions, and one woman that personally touched my life with her spirit and kindness. Both passed before their time. Too soon for all that they had left to give and be.

Heath Ledger
An Aussie with a vibrant smile and a penchant for acting. The first show I saw him in was "10 Things I Hate About You" and he nailed the part. Showed a lot of range in his acting and continued to do independent films in between his blockbusters. I imagine he'll most be remembered for his part in the controversial "Brokeback Mountain" and his spine-chilling version of the Joker in "The Dark Knight".

Rachel Neil
A BYU student who loved life and spread joy to those who had the honor of meeting her. I met Rachel through her roommate/my coworker Fiona. Rachel had beautiful curly hair and a perma-smile face with just the right amount of freckles to be adorable. She enjoyed dancing and singing and being active. Her funeral was the first of my adult life. I don't cry much, but I remember weeping as we watched her tribute video. The anniversary of her passing serves as a yearly reminder to me to cherish life and live in the moment.

Rest in peace, Heath and Rachel, and God bless.

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