January 24, 2009

CMN: 80's Clips You Know and Love

Classic Movie Night (CMN for short). 3 words that always lead to fun. Last night, Nancy and Adrienne hosted another installment in the CMN series. The plan: meet at Adrienne's house, eat popcorn and popcicles, watch our favorite clips from classic 80's movies on projector screen. Post-event analysis: thoroughly successful evening.
Thanks to the vast movie collection at Adrienne's house, we had plenty of 80's movies to pick from. The turnout was excellent--Nancy believes it's probably the most at any of the CMNs so far. Our stomachs feasted on popcorn, popcicles, and even Little Debbie snacks while our eyes and ears feasted on the glory of such 80's hits as Top Gun (the girls of course especially enjoyed the volleyball scene), Adventures in Babysitting, Better Off Dead ("Where's my $2?), Karate Kid, the Princess Bride ("Aaaaas yoooooouuuuuu wiiiiiissshhhh"), and Bill & Ted's Excellent Adventure ("Be excellent to each other"). We had a great time, and I look forward to the next one and to the 80's party in February!

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