December 10, 2008

Closer to 30 than to 25

Note: I'm finishing this post in Jan 2012, so I'll keep it brief and use lots of pictures. Better late than never, right? 
As I get older, I am getting more subdued in my birthday celebrations.

But I still don't want to get boring!
The birthday kids
So for the my 28th, I joined forces with two of my friends, Megan and Anne, since our birthdays are all in December and that way we could throw a good bash all together.
Mmm, Georgetown cupcakes!
Mostly it was a night to socialize and chomp tasty foods, which was what we wanted.
And that gave us all a good chance to catch up with the wonderful well-wishers that came by.
Matty Fischer was under attack
I have no idea what we were thinking;
just being goofballs, I suppose
This birthday trio has got some sweet hops
Well, another birthday has passed, and I thoroughly enjoyed it.

Thanks to Megan and Anne for making it so great!

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