December 10, 2008

40 Days to #44

Today I noticed that we're 40 days away from the inauguration of the 44th President of the United States of America. Yes, Barack Obama will take oath on January 20, 2009. And thus I dedicate this blogpost to him and a total of 44 things (some rough rounding used) he will be starting with when he inherits the White House from our current Commander-in-Chief.
Note: some of these weren't started by President George W Bush, but they may have been exacerbated by President #43.
1 -struggling economy
1 -energy crisis
2 -unpopular wars
3 -failing domestic auto manufacturers
7 -percent unemployment rate
8 -out of 10 Americans are overweight
10 -major global conflicts (according to
11 -trillion dollar national debt, AND
1 -heaping helping of HOPE!
Here is a great link that shows how he is an ordinary man who does ordinary things in addition to serving our country.

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