November 16, 2008

Sara Bringin' NYC Style to DC

Note: I'm finishing this post in Jan 2012, so I'll keep it brief and use lots of pictures. Better late than never, right?
My friend Sara came down from NYC for her first DC visit, and Becca and I made the most of it by showing her a few of our favorite spots.

Saturday brunch at Eastern Market. Gotta get some bluebuck pancakes. Ya just gotta.
Oh, and remember to take cash, because they don't accept cards or checks.
Best way to do it?
Everyone get something different, then share
This reminded me of something clever my mom might do
Cool name for a cool-looking vegetable
With our bellies full, we walked across the street to my favorite bookstore, Capitol Hill Books.
Confession: I've never bought a book there, but it's amazing for pictures, as you'll see.
How appropriate
And of course we had to take Sara down to the National Mall so she could see the monuments.
As friend historian, I'm very proud of this jumping pic
Sara and Becca are so talented at cartwheels and handstands
Standing on the steps of the Lincoln Memorial
Thanks for coming, Sara, and we sure hope you'll be back soon.

Or maybe we'll come to NYC and you can show us around your 'hood, eh?

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