May 10, 2008

FOTC...It's Business Time

For the last while, I've been all about the Flight of the Conchords. They're a comedic duo from New Zealand (love them Kiwis) and they write and sing songs. They have their own HBO show, which incorporates their songs into the story line. Or perhaps the story line is driven by their songs. Either way, they are hilarious.So Christina let me know that they were coming to DC, and we all got tickets and went to see them. They didn't disappoint. The opening act was Dave (from the show), and he was a little too crude for my taste. But that only made Jemaine and Bret stand out that much more. They played almost all the songs I wanted them to play, and they even threw in a few new ones that we should expect to see in upcoming episodes of the show. We had a grand time, and I hope more people can be exposed to these guys. Good times.

For all you hardcore FOTC fans, here is the setlist from their DC show:

  • The Humans are dead
  • Jenny in the park
  • Funk attack
  • Most beautiful girl in the room
  • Issues (w/ imaginary children and women discussion)
  • Think about it
  • 70s party discussion - jammin' with Bowie, Tina Turner in the bathroom
  • Bowies in space
  • Stick around aka Chorus of ex-girlfriends
  • Bus driver
  • Mutha uckers
  • Bret you've got it goin' on
  • Do Australians feel love? (short)
  • Freaky tonight
  • If you're into it
  • Business time
  • Hiphopapotamus
  • Albi the racist dragon

And for the encore

  • Rock the party (short)
  • Inner city pressure
  • There are angels

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