May 9, 2008

Projecting on the National Cathedral

So I read in the newspaper about some artist that projects pictures onto large buildings and he was planning to do it on the National Cathedral right here in Washington, DC. Since Judi lives up near there, we both went to check it out on the preview night before the big unveiling. They tested the projectors and made sure it worked, and we got to take a gander. It was really cool. They have multiple pictures that had very different effects on the stonework of the cathedral. We even got to meet the artist, a little man that reminded me a lot of Andy Kaufman. He was very friendly, though, and we got to chat a little and see him goofing around taking shadow pictures and such. It was a really fun night and made me want to do some big creative thing like that. And when I do, you'll hear about it first right here!

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