April 4, 2008

A Concert on a School Night

Stanley invited me to come up to Philadelphia for a Lifehouse concert, so I went up and brought Barbara since she likes the band and wanted to take a quick trip. We left a little early from work, got caught in some traffic but not too much, and made it up to Philly in time. Stanley's mom was in town as well, so she came along, and it's always fun to see her.
The concert was really good. The opener was Matt Nathanson, which we were worried about being crude and crass, but he didn't do anything in poor taste at this show. Then Lifehouse played and they had a fantastic show. Their songs were tight, they had skillful solos, and they even threw in some covers of other great songs and invited the crowd to join them in singing.
Barbara and I started the drive home around midnight or a little later, and she mostly slept while I drove. But it wasn't too bad, I just listened to good tunes and enjoyed the evening scenery.

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  1. Looks like a good time! Glad you got to go. I can't believe how young Diane looks in that photo! How much longer will Stanley be in Philly?