November 1, 2007

Halloween Night in Georgetown

Since my James Bond costume was a little disappointing to me and not as recognizable as I'd hoped it would be, I needed to come up with a new costume for Halloween night. Fortunately, my roommate Dustin has an old-school hat, which immediately reminded me of Newsies. And thus my 2007 costume was born. Use Dustin's hat, borrow a vest from Jason, and we're in business!

Now this is a costume you can kick your heels about

After going to a house/apartment party in Crystal City, we decided we should go into Georgetown to see all the commotion that has made it famous and why everyone recommends going. We took the metro to Rosslyn and walked across the bridge to Georgetown. And then we joined the crowd. It was so crowded that you could only shuffle along. But it was also very fun and we saw some really costumes. I was pleasantly surprised at how few scandalous girl costumes there were, since I'd been warned that I'd probably see a lot of that.

We discovered that ladies love a man who's good with a calculator

We walked all the way through Georgetown and came out near Dupont, so we took the metro back home from there. It was a really fun night and I'm glad we decided to be adventurous and go for it.

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  1. you had a good beggining and then you gave no details of your night.