November 12, 2007

Sprucing up the Ol' Homestead

My family saw my post about the apartment and they were concerned about my furnishings, so I decided it's time to show how much progress has been made in that arena.

The front room is much better, don't you think?

We've still got some work to do (a few more pieces of furniture, some paintings and such for the walls, our apartment-family portrait, a little more color by painting walls, etc) but at least it's feeling more homey these days.

My bed is on the right; still looking for one for Dustin

A woman's touch would probably make a world of difference, so I think we're going to ask our friends Janilee and Meghan (who are both professional decorators) for some tips, and I might even take them shopping with me and they can just pick out things we should have up on our walls. Sounds like every girl's dream, eh?

We definitely like our many books

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