August 23, 2013

Puzzle Me This

Hmm, guess there's a reason the Batman franchise went with "the Riddler" instead of "the Puzzler", eh?

Lately some of my friends and I have been working on puzzles, and I'm loving it.

Such a great way to spend time together, catch up on conversation, and have some laughs.

Plus I imagine it's probably good for our brains to be analytic and figuring out how the pieces connect.
But that is just me spitballing on bonus effects of our fun nights around a table.

This 1,000-piecer took several evenings of effort:

Always fun and satisfying putting in the last piece.
I'm pretty sure Ryan hid this one so he could "find" it right at the end.

This little guy was only 500 pieces, and we hammered through it in a couple hours with the help of a few more friends than on the last one.

My family does puzzles at Christmas, and that's a tradition we've done ever since back when my grandma lived in Montana and we'd drive up to spend the holiday at her house.

I'm happy to start a new tradition of puzzling with some friends here in SLC.

Who else wants to join in the rip-roaring fun?

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