August 12, 2013

Never Too Old for Prom

My last prom was 14-ish years ago.

I had a great time that evening, I really did.
But I'd figured that would be my last prom (unless I chaperone future kids' proms).

Not so, Aaron. Not so.

My friend Melinda invited me to be her date for a prom-themed birthday in the Bay Area, and there is no way I could pass up such a fun opportunity.

So I took TRAX out to the SLC airport, and flew to Oakland.
Sidenote: It's super awesome that mass transit has reached the airport, but UTA needs to extend the weekend hours.

We had a tasty tapas-style lunch on the patio at a beautiful winery, and then practiced a prom pose for later that evening. What do you think? Don't worry, we had a couple other poses in mind for picture time.

After eating, it was time to start prepping for the big night.
So Melinda got her hair did.
She maybe didn't love how tight it was, so her roommate Sarah saved the day by taking out the 'do and replacing it with a loose, fun sort of ponytail.

Next was makeup, and I sat in a park and listened to some local bands while Melinda got this done:
Hubba hubba, am I right?! Yes, I was lucky to be on her arm all night.

We headed into the city, and the party was just getting going when we arrived.
In fact, we arrived just in time for Melinda to help the birthday girl with her grand entrance.
The ladies "brunch bunch", minus one member who was out of town
We did a whole lotta socializing and a whole lotta dancing, and apparently we also picked a great color to match each other as well as other couples at the party.
Our twin couple (he is also named Aaron, and they're rocking the teal too)
And no prom night would be quite fulfilled if we didn't do some prom posing.
Here are a couple classic poses. Which do you like more?
The trip was a short one, but we had so much fun celebrating and rockin' our fancy outfits.
I had to take a pic on the flight back to SLC
Who knows when I'll have another chance to wear a tuxedo and dance the night away, but I hope it's as entertaining as this prom-themed birthday. Thanks again for such a fun time, Melinda!


  1. a prom-themed birthday is so fun! they do a prom here every year in town, it's more of a concert but people dress up and wear corsages, etc.

    1. that sounds pretty rad. people just like a chance to get all dolled up once in a while, right?

  2. Ha! What a fun birthday theme idea. That's pretty awesome.

    1. feel free to borrow it for your next one, but you have to invite me if you do :)

  3. You guys looked so great!! Sounds like a ball was had by all (pun intended)!

    1. thanks, Kristen! mostly I'm just lucky to be the arm candy for my beautiful date, and yes we had a fantastic time!