July 22, 2013

Not Invited, But Thanks for Asking

It's always an eye-opener to receive a text message like this:
"I'm a little offended you aren't at [insert a good friend's name]'s birthday dinner! I hope you have a good excuse :)"
Especially when this is the answer you can honestly, albeit painfully, respond with:
"I wasn't invited. Is that a good enough excuse?"
It hurts not to be invited.

If I had never known about it, I'd have been fine.
I actually figured all the birthday celebrations had been earlier in the weekend.


Update for concerned readers: I was hurt initially and am still sad that I missed out on the fun, but I figured (and it has now been confirmed) that my not being invited was due to mis-communication between the birthday individual and those planning the dinner, not due to an intentional act of exclusion.

1 comment:

  1. bah ha ha.....I feel your pain! my job is sometimes a downer for getting to do fun stuff but as long as i'm invited to the party and i decline going, its all good! thanks for the reading for my night shift.....here's to hoping that we can all find love in all the RIGHT places!!!!