April 23, 2013

Tunes-day Trio: Satisfy that Sweet Tooth

Ok, ok, ok. It's been forever since the color-themed Rainbow Connection trio post.
My interest in blogging waned, but it's waxing now, so we'll take advantage of that while we can.

Turns out there are a whole lotta songs that fit a sweetness/sweets/candy theme.

Plenty of honorable mentions this week:
- "Candy" by Mandy Moore - thanks for the reminder of this gem, Erin Masi!
- "My Boy Lollipop" by Millie Small, graciously pulled from the archives (1964) by AmandaStretch
Props to Miss Megan for these next five. Clearly we were raised on oldies.
- "Sweet Caroline" by Neil Diamond, because Boston deserves a little extra love right now
- "Sweet Darlin" by She & Him
- "Sunshine, Lollipops, and Rainbows" by Lesley Gore, makes me think of my brother Dave every time
- "Sugartime" by the McGuire Sisters, talk about a trio of old-school wholesome hotties
- "Lollipop" by the Chordettes, for best vocal percussion punctuation to a chorus
And I'll throw some newer tunes in for good measure.
- "Pour Some Sugar on Me" by Def Leppard, *insert stripper-related joke here*
- "Sex and Candy" by Marcy Playground, total downer song, why did we all like it so much?
- "Tootsee Roll" by 69 Boyz
- "Milkshake" by Kelis, a family favorite when waiting in line pretty much anywhere

You have to admit, that's a stellar bunch of honorable mentions.

All leading up to these three delicious selections for the Tunes-day Trio:

"Sugar, Sugar" by The Archies
I had no idea the song had been written for the cartoon, or at least released through that venue. Such a catchy song, and you can't help but smile and feel happy listening to this tune from simpler times.
Another great pick, Megan.

"Candy Man" by Christina Aguilera
So many elements I like about this song. Great old-style music, Christina's pipes, and the military video.
Good call, Amanda.

"Stuck Like Glue" by Sugarland
Just an all-around fun song, and it's peppy as any could be. Plus, Sugarland is excellent in concert, so I'm happy to give them a special shout-out. Oh, and as a bonus, it kind of goes along with next week's theme in a couple of its lyrics, too.

Next Time
For the next one, we're gonna do something a little more subdued.

Thinking of how hard it is to run the 26.2 miles of a marathon, and also thinking of the people who lost loved ones in the Boston Marathon explosions, I think it's appropriate to do a theme showing support and offering strength to keep going in hard times.

Which is why the theme is supporting those in need/shared strength/carrying on.

We can all lift each other up in our times of heartache and pain.

So if there's a song that's buoyed you up, please share the title and artist in the comments.
Maybe it'll be a much-needed boost to someone else who's having a rough day.


  1. All Will Be Will by The Gabe Dixon Band and You Can Close Your Eyes by James Taylor. The latter has particular significance to me, since my dad sings it to me, particularly when I'm having a rough time, and I surprised him with it being our father-daughter dance at my wedding.

  2. You Raise Me Up - Josh Groban
    Waving Flag - Chani
    Home - Phillip Phillips
    You'll Never Walk Alone - Carousel
    Tonight Tonight - Hot Chelle Rae (maybe not "inspirational", but I like to sing this when I've had a bad day)

  3. Oh, and Hold On -- Wilson Phillips
    Lean on Me, Stand by Me