February 11, 2013

Monopoly Murder: One Will No Longer Pass Go

If you didn't hear, they killed off an old Monopoly token and put a new one in its place.

Voting was to decide which of these would be removed from the game:

The current pieces
The loser was the iron (announcement video), which isn't too surprising to me, since I can't think of any time in my whole life that someone was voluntarily the iron while playing.

In addition, fans were allowed to vote for which of these five would take the iron's place:
The new options
The replacing honor went to none other than the cat (announcement video).

Honestly, I don't mind losing the iron, but having a cat instead?! We already have a dog!
None of the new options were that great, in my opinion, but I guess the voters have spoken.

Anyone have 6-8 spare hours and want to spend it playing a game of Monopoly with me?


  1. Because we do not know each other very well you will not know that I am a collector of Monopoly games. I love playing ... and hate playing. I hate to lose and usually do. My fav token is the thimble ... probably because I also collect those. Good times.

    But the cat? Meh!

    1. Always happy to have a new blog reader, Steph! The thimble is a good one. If I couldn't get the dog, top hat, car, or boot, then I'd always go with the thimble ;)