November 19, 2012

Weekend Escape to Park City

Park City is lots of fun, and it's even more fun when you're going up there with someone who hasn't been before. Plus, if they're going up for a conference and you get free dinner, that's a major bonus haha

Becca had meetings for a lot of the day, but she had a little break on Saturday, so I met up with her and we walked Main Street for a little and had lunch in a little Thai restaurant.
Banksy was here
After lunch, I showed her a couple of the ski resorts, which had snow but weren't scheduled to open quite yet. Just a couple more weeks until they do, but I sadly won't be able to ski anyway.

Later that evening, Becca's program hosted a dinner at Cisero's. Very tasty!
Fancy dinner, complete with pumpkin decorations
Since socializing is a big part of work conferences, we joined everyone in walking down to High West Distillery, and everybody had a good time. I particularly thought some of the drink names were fun.
For example:
  • Dead Man's Boots
  • Licorice and Smoke
  • Blood and Sand
  • Rattlesnake
Aren't those awesome?!
Cool branding and poster design
PS - While we were all chatting, I noticed this song playing, and I thought it was hilarious.
That Willie has a great sense of humor, and I enjoy the clever number wording.

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