November 19, 2012

Back-to-Back Concert Nights: Martin Sexton, Infamous Stringdusters, Sun Parade, and Lake Street Dive

I love music, and the best way to enjoy it (in my opinion) is at a live concert.

Last week I was lucky enough to attend two shows, and in fairly small venues, which is even better.

Wed, Nov 7: Martin Sexton, with opener The Sun Parade (at The Depot)
Turns out that one benefit of being injured is the opportunity to use ADA seating.

We didn't even ask, but since there weren't any open seats on the ground floor, the workers at The Depot let us sit in the crows nest and we had this sweet view:
The Sun Parade, with bonus percussion and vocals friends
I hadn't heard of The Sun Parade before, but they were good. Very upbeat tunes, yet chill, if that makes sense. Here's a video of their biggest song:

When The Sun Parade finished their set, it was Martin Sexton's turn.

He didn't disappoint.

The man does it all, and he does it solo. Guitar, singing, and making all sorts of instrument sounds with his mouth and various parts of the guitar.
With skills like his, Martin doesn't need any other band members
Surprisingly, many of my friends hadn't/haven't even heard of Martin Sexton. That is a shame, because he's a very creative singer/songwriter. He sings serious songs, and he throws in some silly songs for good measure. I even saw him referred to as a serious Jack Black once.

His song "Hallelujah" hooked me, and its YouTube video is a good demonstration of how he is in concert.
To see more of his in-concert vocal stylings, this "Gypsy Woman" YouTube video is excellent.

And this is "Glory Bound", which I also really like.

Thurs, Nov 8: The Infamous Stringdusters, with opener Lake Street Dive (at The State Room)
Another night, another incredible concert. This one was a marathon, not a sprint.

We'd never heard of the opener, but Lake Street Dive had an Amy Winehouse kinda vibe, but without the slutty attitude. So we were able to like them for their quality and not have the trashy negatives.
Lake Street Dive, making us swoon
We tried to guess where they might be from, but we were way off. This quartet is from Brooklyn, NY.

Just check out this sound:
Very cool, right? Just another example of how there are bands with incredible talent, still out there waiting to hit the big time. People say that, right? "Hit the big time"? I don't even know anymore.

Anyway, Lake Street Dive was a perfect warm-up for the night's main event.

After a brief break for changing the set, The Infamous Stringdusters hit the stage.

And it was not just some 90 min set. We estimate they played for almost 3 hours.
When the headliner of a concert actually takes an intermission, that is serious determination.

Now how do I describe how good these 5 fellas are? Ah, yes, here's how:
Becca is from Tennessee, and she was so happy just listening to an authentic bluegrass band all the way out here in the Rocky Mountains. Seriously, she had a major case of perma-smile.
The Infamous Stringdusters, rocking the scene

That's one of their tame songs, but it shows how good The Infamous Stringdusters were.

I'd gladly see any of these four bands when they come through SLC again.
And you're all welcome to join me for those or just about any other concert!


  1. I frequently have concert envy as many of my favorites come through SLC and not my town. I've actually heard of most of those, I especially love Lake Street Dive. They were on a SXSW playlist a friend put together for me and I've loved them.

    1. We are pretty lucky to get good bands in SLC. Very cool you've heard of Lake Street Dive; they were a very pleasant surprise!

  2. Looks like they were both pretty awesome :) Way to promote the awesome.

    1. Thanks, Ru. You'll have to join us next time!