November 2, 2012

Elvis: The Puppy Who Lost Her Way (and Was Thankfully Found)

I don't currently have any pets.

I'd like to have a dog, but I don't feel like I have the disposable time to provide the love and care a dog would require/deserve. Plus, living in an apartment building seems too cramped for a dog to properly run and frolic as it should be able to do.

My friend Becca kinda debunks the first portion of my reason to not have a dog, though.

She works crazy hours (6 days/week, 12+ hour shifts), but makes time for this adorable pup, Elvis.
She loves that ball, and she'll play fetch all day if you'll let her
A few weeks ago, while Becca was out running errands, Elvis escaped the yard.

Maybe not such a terrible thing, except she wasn't wearing her collar or tags at the time.

Not good.

We had to get the word out.

So I helped Becca put up flyers around the neighborhood at key spots: library, hospital, school, church, some restaurants, etc.

Our hope was that Elvis would be rescued by some really nice person, they'd see a flyer, and call. Or that she'd be taken to a pound, and they'd check her embedded chip and call.

A few people said they saw Elvis, and that the pup was very friendly (this is her normal temperment) and seemed quite excited to be running free and in the wild.

Thankfully, some really nice lady found her the next day, turned her in to the pound, and they did call.
Looking guilty after Becca picked her up
Yay for nice people taking care of a roaming dog that was sorely missed back at her home!

Note: this took place in mid-October. I'm just way behind in my blogging.

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