October 7, 2012

Would You Ride a Cardboard Bike?

I love technology, especially when it's reinventing something familiar in a new way.

So this article really interested me.

Who thinks of this stuff?
Building a bike out of cardboard?

And making it strong enough to be able to carry almost 500 lbs?
Now that's durable!

Granted, I don't envision many 500 lb people riding bikes (props to those that do), but what about people transporting water or other supplies? This could really come in handy in developing countries.

Or it could just be a convenient around-town bike, for those who don't want their nice bike to get stolen.

Would you try riding one? I'm gonna keep an eye on this.

1 comment:

  1. I think it's brilliant! I see Capitol Bikeshare investing in these in 3...2...1...