October 8, 2012

My Little Rascal-ly Amigo

I'm behind on my blogposts, and some of you may not even know I tore my Achilles tendon.

Well, before I'd been to the doctor to find that out, I just thought I'd majorly sprained my ankle.

And during that pre-knowledge-of-torn-Achilles time, I realized a life-long dream when Nick and I stopped by Walmart to get some keys made for the office:

I rode around the store on an Amigo.

Yep, that's a motorized shopping cart I'm rocking.
Not quite as sleek or sexy as the Rascal I'd hoped for, but an acceptable substitute.

I do have to admit something, though.

After riding the Amigo for a few minutes, I felt awkward.
The cart is ridiculously slow, and even with my hurt foot I didn't feel right or like I fit the profile of a person who would normally be driving one around a store.

So when we stopped to look at sunglasses, I ditched it and walked the rest of our time in Walmart.

Oh well, it's still something to check off my bucket list.

Have you ever ridden one of those bad boys? What was your experience?


  1. When I was living in SLC I was walking in to Harmons and some guy asked me to drive his cart back to the store, since he was getting in his car and leaving, I accepted and cruised the parking lot, ha!

    1. They're kinda fun, huh? You probably rode it about the optimal amount of time, actually. I was on mine a little too long haha.