August 24, 2012

The USADA - Lance Armstrong's Persistent, and Sadly Successful, Bully

I hate your stupid face. At this point, I don't even care if Lance doped. His personal life wasn't perfect. Maybe he was even a jerk. But if you couldn't find one positive drug test or shred of evidence in 13 years, then you failed, not him. What happened to innocent until proven guilty? Lance made Americans care about cycling, and he's been an unparalleled force for cancer research and its awareness. All you've done is weaken my faith in your intentions and ability as a governing body.
With all my broken heart,
A cycling fan
You'll always have 7 TdF titles in my book


  1. I came across this while browsing. All I have to say is: "I hate USADA's stupid face as well" Almost every contender doped pre bio passport days. Lance will always be the 7 time champ.

    1. How did Lance's admission to Oprah affect you? It kinda broke my heart. After supporting him for so long, he comes forth NOW to admit to doping?!