August 22, 2012

How My Mom Inadvertently Converted Me into a Ryan Gosling Fan

I know a lot of moviegoers are crazy about RyGos.
For a long time, I wasn't.

I loved Remember the Titans, but more because it's a Disney sports movie and I just can't resist those (for example: Miracle, Glory Road, Ice Princess, Cool Runnings, Air Bud, and The Mighty Ducks). Honestly I didn't even remember Gosling was in it until he got famous years later.
Sure, I respected his work in The Notebook. Typical performance by a young hunk in a romantic drama. Nothing special, but he played the role exactly as he was asked to. And the on-screen chemistry between Gosling and Rachel McAdams was undeniable.
A few of his films were decent, but didn't really wow me. I think Ben Affleck or Brad Pitt or a couple other Hollywood fellas could have taken his spot and not much would have changed. For me, these include The Ides of March; Crazy, Stupid, Love; and Blue Valentine.
After I saw Drive (which I enjoyed for its chill soundtrack and testosterone-filled chases), I had a discussion with my mom about RyGos. She had previously been pretty much of the same opinion as me, but she said that he'd won her over with his performance in a somewhat less-known film. She recommended I watch it before setting my position in stone.

So I did.

Lars and the Real Girl was excellent. The story was interesting, the acting was superb, and I loved the small feel of it all. His portrayal of the title character, a man struggling with social interaction (to put it mildly), drew me in from the start and kept me going throughout. I give it two enthusiastic thumbs up.
Alright, I'll admit that thanks to Lars and my mother, I'm on board.

Keep the hits coming, Mr. Gosling.

And let's hope he makes a cameo in an upcoming Step Up iteration with these sweet dance moves.

PS: Due solely to its subject (RyGos), I predict this will be one of my most-read blogposts of the year. You know it's true.


  1. Replies
    1. Any other actors or actresses where you had a movie switch your opinion of them?

  2. I HATED Lars-I think I even turned it off...I know, I know. I think it's time to try again.

    I love RyGo. Simply because he's RyGo. I'm such a girl...

    1. Wow, really? I think I liked that it was so different from all his other stuff; showed he has a little more range than I'd seen from his other roles. If you re-watch it, let me know if you feel the same (turn it off) or have a change of heart :)

  3. Lars and the Real Girl is the only movie I really like him in. I thought he was gross in Crazy, Stupid, Love, even though everyone else in that movie was perfect.

    Same with Keira Knightly. I think she's totally overrated, except for Bend it Like Beckham. She's fantastic in that movie!

    1. I have to agree with you about Keira Knightly. I do not get how she's a big A-list name...

    2. I'm with you gals. Keira doesn't impress me, but I did like her in "Bend It Like Beckham". Guess she should have been a one-hit wonder, eh?

  4. You should watch "All Good Things" - he plays such a creepy guy. I thought the movie was excellent. I also loved Drive, seemed sort of like Taxi Driver for our generation (or tried to be). I typically enjoy his movies, including Lars & The Real Girl. I think I might be the only female in the world that didn't really care for The Notebook. I thought Crazy Stupid Love was far better as far as romance movies go, but then I really love a man that can make me laugh. :)
    I have to disagree that I don't think he's interchangeable with Brad Pitt/Ben Affleck - for one thing, they are much older. They couldn't quite fill the role of Blue Valentine, CSL, Ides of March. It's hard to think of other hunky 32 year olds in Hollywood right now...

    1. I'll definitely check out "All Good Things". I love seeing actors and actresses stretching themselves in wildly different roles.
      Hmm, as for other 30-ish year olds, what about Jake Gyllenhaal or James Franco? I know they aren't exactly the same, but I think they could pull it off.