July 29, 2012

Fruit Picking and a Peach Brunch

We should probably all eat more fruit than we currently do, right?
Well buying it from the grocery store is good, but picking your own from the bush or tree is even better.

Emily and I headed up to Larriland Farm for a little fruit picking, and then we met up with Seth and Becky at Homestead Farm to finish our picking with a bunch of peaches.
I'm glad this one picked me
Meet giganto-berry
You say tomato; I say tomatoe
Hard to decide which one is sweeter
Looking for the best ones
Yes, I'll gladly wheel this one to my car
"In open fields of wild flowers..."
And what is the point of picking a bunch of delicious fruits, if you can't eat them while conversing with a bunch of friends? For that reason, we invited some friends over for a Sunday peach brunch.
Peach muffins
Peach french toast
After all the picking fun and subsequent delicious eating, I just have one question:

When can we go again?!

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