July 29, 2012

Top Chef Party: Nuts for Nuts

My friends (including Milan and Domineau) host Top Chef parties every so often, and Emily and I were excited to be able to make it to this one.

Each Top Chef party has a theme ingredient, which you're supposed to have in the food you bring.
This time the ingredient was pretty general: nuts.

Since I'm not a great chef, and I'm crazy about pistachio pudding, I whipped up a quick batch of instant Jello pistachio pudding. No way I was going to win the competition, but at least I knew I'd like our dish.

The event doubled as a farewell to Melissa, who is heading back west in early August (like me).
Will be good to hopefully see you out there, too!

We got to eat a little of each dish while chatting with and catching up with friends.

I was very torn between 3 dishes for my favorite:
  1. Hazelnut chocolate cake
  2. Bacon, caramel, and cashew popcorn
  3. Nut-covered sweet potatoes (or were they yams? I always get confused on that)
Beyond the food, spending time with friends is an awesome part of the Top Chef parties.
I especially like spending time with this little lady
Emily and I had to leave before they determined who the winner was, but maybe Milan can let us know in the comments. Pretty please, Milan...


  1. All you need to know is that I was ROBBED. #2ndplace

    1. Aw, sorry to hear that :( So did Wendy's popcorn win it? Or Rachel's sweet potatoes/yams?

  2. fine. my hazelnut chocolate cake was beat out by my roommate rachel's sweet potato mush. i'm winning next time though!!!

    1. If you'll mail me some of your dish ahead of time, I will happily return an absentee ballot :D