June 5, 2012

USA Lady Olympians to Watch at London 2012

London 2012 is only 52 days away.

I can't hide my excitement about that fact. Every 2 years I spend way too much time watching the Olympic Games. From major sports like basketball and the 100m Dash and hockey, to little-followed events like taekwondo and curling, I just can't get enough of the (almost round-the-clock) coverage.

The Olympics are so much fun to watch, and I'm continually amazed by how each country's athletes bring their best effort and put their training to the absolute highest test of competition.

However, I'm going to say this upfront: While these ladies have incredible skills in their respective athletic fields and deserve a great deal of credit for their abilities and achievements, my post today is centering on their physical looks. If that's not okay with you, feel free to move along, and/or write your own companion post to this one about the fine fellas you'll be following come July 27th.

Note: I'm only highlighting American (USA) athletes here. Sorry, foreigners, write your own posts for the undoubtedly attractive ladies your country is sending to London. And then leave the link to your post in the comments below.

Natalie Coughlin (swimming)

Shanelle Landry (trampoline)

Julie Zetlin (rhythmic gymnastics)

Corey Cogdell (trapshooting)

Cassidy Krug (diving)

Allyson Felix (track & field)

Gwen Jorgensen (triathlon)

I know there are many more worthy of being in this post, but this is just a small sample. Go USA!


  1. What I wouldn't give to look like Natalie Coughlin...DANG, she's HAWT!

  2. I was unaware that trampoline is an Olympic sport. And why not.

    1. I believe that it's part of that Rhythmic Gymnastics "discipline".

      I just looked it up and it's listed under "Artistic Gymnastics: Trampoline".

    2. Good catch. Thanks, Napoleon!

  3. haha Yeah, I was a bit surprised on that one, too, Emily. Check out the YouTube vids, it's pretty impressive what those trampoline folks can do!