June 4, 2012

How Had I Never Heard the Story Behind Ben Affleck's New "Argo" Movie?

Have you seen the trailer for "Argo"?

I especially love that Ben Affleck's newest film is based on a true story.

Yes, the CIA used a cover story, Hollywood razzle dazzle, and the Canadian government's help in order to sneak 6 Americans out of revolutionary Tehran under the guise of being a sci-fi flick's crew.

Awesome, isn't it?

If you want to read about the heroics, you can click [here for a brief synopsis] or [here for a more comprehensive write-up].

This is one of the reasons I love movies. If not for this film being green-lighted, I'd probably never have heard of this story and the creative, extremely-gutsy efforts to save these expats.

Bonus fun fact for those still reading: Using Aerosmith's song "Dream On" in a trailer always makes me want to see a movie even more. I think it's due to my fond memories of the movie "Miracle".

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