June 21, 2012

My First Train Ride

Today I took my first train ride!

I've been on trains before at the zoo and Disneyland and of course subway/metro/local.
But this was my first big one.

I'm quite excited about it, even if the ride was just a short one from DC to BWI.

Someday I still want to ride across the whole country in one.
Who will join me?


  1. So you have to go to Europe and ride the trains there. AWESOME. I really want to take a train trip around Europe some day. I'm not sure the US train trip could live up to my expectations now. :)

    1. Alrighty, I will definitely take the trains whenever I get to Europe. Thanks for the tip!

  2. I'm down for a train trip across the United States. When did you want to go? Getting out to Vermont is one of my long-time goals so maybe I can finagle that into the trip :) Then again, any reason to take a trip and explore the sights is a frequent goal whenever I have traveled. The trick is knowing where to go.