May 28, 2012

My Grandpa, the WWII Medic

Happy Memorial Day everyone!

As many of us will celebrate with a BBQ and getting together with family and friends, it's important that we remember the reason for today: to honor those soldiers and personnel, past and present, who have sacrificed on behalf of our country and its freedoms.

My grandfather, Keith Craven, was an enlisted man during WWII.
He was stationed in New Guinea, as a medic at the Fourth General Hospital.
I don't have any pictures of my grandpa from the war period or around that time, so I'll have to ask my grandma if she does, and if she'd be alright with me sharing them. But here's one of the hospital.
The facilities could handle 2,000 patients at full capacity, and I'm proud that my grandpa was one of the servicemen charged with caring for those put directly in harm's way in the Pacific Theater.

Grandpa Craven passed away during my childhood, and my appreciation and gratitude continue to grow for his willingness to serve our country and specifically the people brought to New Guinea for treatment.

God bless all our troops, past and present!

For more info on the Fourth General Hospital, you can click [here].

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  1. How neat! Big thanks to your grandpa, and happy belated Memorial Day :)