May 20, 2012

My Brother, The Law School Grad

My trip to Philadelphia this week and weekend was for a very good purpose: my brother's graduation from Temple Law. We had a great time and I'm so proud of him for this achievement!
Here he is getting a special award. It's basically the equivalent of Mr Congeniality, which is awesome.
I'm so glad my parents and sister could come out for the event. Don't we look fantastic?
While waiting for the commencement, my parents and siblings decided to become an album cover.
And here he is with the woman who has supported him all through law school (and paid the bills).
On the stage, diploma in hand
Graduating and cheering for a graduate take a lot of energy, so we all went to Olive Garden for dinner.
On Friday, we did some sight-seeing around Philadelphia. By the end, our bodies were tired and our feet were sore, but we'd seen a whole lot of history and learned lots about the USA's founding.
In front of Independence Hall
Christ Church Burial Ground, where Ben Franklin is buried
At the Liberty Bell, but mostly I just really like this picture of me
We saw many more places, and had lunch (a Philly cheese steak, of course), and meandered all over.

Then Pete and Jordyn hosted a BBQ back at their place. It felt great to kick back and relax a bit.
With their wonderful neighbors
Saturday morning-ish, we coordinated and headed out to Bird in Hand, PA, also known as Amish country.
I was afraid the gingerbread man was going to actually show up and kill us all
Pops, just being awesome, as usual
Homemade Amish root beer and whoopie pie. Sooooo good.
Showing proper jug-drinking form
For dinner, we found a little place that served an Amish buffet. This entry arch was perfect for pictures.
The parentals
The couple
The siblings
Congratulations on graduating from law school, brother!
And thanks for showing us a great time in and around Philly!


  1. I hope you guys got cuh-RAZY with that jug o' nonalcoholic hooch.

    Congrats to your bro :)

  2. hahaha We sure did, Ru. You know how crazy things can get with wacky siblings and a jug o' nonalcoholic hooch!