April 3, 2012

Happy Ben & Jerry's Free Cone Day!

Free Ben & Jerry's ice cream! Glorious day!

Find the Scoop Shop nearest you, and make sure they're participating before you go.

And that's the scoop of the day!
(Get it? Like news scoop? Oh, never mind.)


  1. Yay! This is splendid news. I'm tempted to blow off my date so I can get some ice cream (which ought to tell you how really awesome I expect this date to be). Maybe I'll just find a way to cut things a little short ;)

  2. How was the date and how did it compare to the ice cream? Honestly, it's very hard to beat free ice cream.

  3. The date was ... less than awesome. Regret not getting the ice cream. :)

    PS, you can be my Reggie Wigglesworth anytime.