April 9, 2012

Easter Egg Hunts are Just as Much Fun as an Adult

Ah, Easter.

A great time for reflection on the Savior's sacrifice and what it means to each of us.

Also, a great time for brunch, egg bocce, and egg hunting.

As I don't really feel like narrating the whole thing, I'll just add captions to some pics.
Seth was handing out devilish-ious eggs
Preparing things for us to devour
Love our newest roommate, Andrew
They used that wedding photo stance like champs!
Holidays are for families; very glad Pete and Jordyn came down!
Huckleberry Finn joined us
Mmm, I can still imagine the tastiness of those pancakes and strawberries
Kristina likes Easter, and that's the truth
(that's what her fingers mean, not peace)
A bacon wrapped Peep, which Dave later called "a waste of good bacon"
Pete's toss that got us into the finals
The finalist teams in the egg bocce competition
Ryan and Cara, egg bocce champions, show off their prize
Hurry, find those hidden eggs!
We all looked high and low, but there are probably still some around that yard
When you hide all the eggs, you just get one pink real egg; them's the breaks, Becky!
An egg-cellent event, and the weather was positively smashing.

Another very entertaining and happy Easter for us, and I hope yours was, too!


  1. Wow, that looks super fun. And might I add, you have some very attractive friends. Congratulations ;)

  2. Thanks, Ru! It was a blast of an afternoon, for sure. And you're more than welcome to meet my friends anytime you come out to DC :)

  3. As if I needed more excuses to visit DC ;)

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