March 11, 2012

WIE Weekend 2012

Ah, another WIE (Where Is Everybody?) weekend in Ocean City, MD, has come and gone. Just like last year's WIE excursion, plenty of friends were along for the adventure, and I believe we all had a great time.
On Friday night, we missed the run since we couldn't get away from DC until after 5, but we did get there for the game playing and dance party. Pong was the primary diversion, as well as a little Twister.
The triumphant pong crusaders
Saturday morning, we were up (relatively) bright and early, ready for the run.
Some preferred to do cheerleader stretches...
...while others practiced for future live-action modern art/dance installations.
After riding the bus up close to the Delaware border, we circled up, with a few "shots fired" takedowns for good measure, including one on me. I felt it was coming, and he attacked from behind, so I couldn't stop it.
Three of our group decided to take a dip in the ocean.
They got their clothes back little by little over the next few miles of running.
With the run completed, we took a break and some showed off their fashion sense before either continuing to run all the way home or hopping on the bus back.
What comes after the run and lunch? Why the bonfire on the beach, of course!

The weather was cold and windy so close to the water, so we definitely huddled as close as we could around the fire.
Early March beach modeling
A little sun worshiping was in order
After a long circle (the bonfire norm at WIE), they may have roasted marshmallows or hot dogs, but I was tired so I went to take a quick nap. Then everyone got presentable, and we headed to dinner and the evening's festivities.
I don't remember why, but it was hilarious at the time. Trust me.
Stop #2 was fairly chill, followed by the American Legion where we sang karaoke, made human pyramids, and tested our hula hoop skills. These next three pictures are probably for my favorites of the entire trip. Such a bunch of characters!
Looks like she's been studying
What a lovely Titanic tattoo you have!
This 6-person pyramid worked; all larger attempts failed dismally
Slight contrast in styles here
You don't need a mic or a chair to join in the karaoke
I haven't done a hula hoop in quite a while, but it was actually quite fun and I surprisingly was able to keep it going for a decent amount of time. Okay, like 30 seconds or so, but it felt long!
After American Legion, we ended the night with some dancing at Seacrets. Again, they had a cover band which was rocking out. That place really is pretty impressive. Too bad it isn't closer to DC.

2012 was definitely a successful WIE weekend, and I want to thank the organizers for putting it together and making things run so smoothly. Hope Ocean City is looking forward to this gang next year!

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